System dynamics modeling in additive manufacturing supply chain management

Jairo Nuñez Rodriguez, Hugo Hernando Andrade Sosa, Sylvia Maria Villarreal Archila, Angel Ortiz

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A system dynamics model was developed with the primary purpose of visualizing the behavior of a supply chain (SC) when it adopts a disruptive technology such as additive manufacturing (AM). The model proposed a dynamic hypothesis that defines the following issue: what is the impact of the AM characteristics and processes in the SC? The model was represented through a causal diagram in thirteen variables related to the SC, organized in two feedback cycles and a data flow diagram, based mainly on the three-essential links of the SC and the order display traceability: supplier–focal manufacturer–distribution Network. Once proposed, the model was validated through the evaluation of extreme conditions and sensitivity analysis. As a result, the dynamic behavior of the variables that condition the chain management was analyzed, evidencing reduction times in production, especially in products that require greater complexity and detail, as well as reductions in inventories and the amount of raw material due to production and storing practices from AM. This model is the starting point for alternative supply chain scenarios through structural operating policies and operating policies in terms of process management.
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EstadoPublicada - jun. 2021

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  • supply chain (SC)
  • additive manufacturing (AM)
  • system dynamics (SD)

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