UFLS and Smart Load for Frequency Regulation in Electrical Power System: A Review

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    The frequency of an electrical power system can be interpreted as an indicator of the equilibrium between generation and demand. Under fault conditions where this balance is disrupted, the Under-Frequency Load Shedding scheme is typically the ultimate resource employed to prevent the frequency from dropping to undesirable thresholds that could lead to a blackout. Smart loads have the capability to dynamically adjust their consumption in response to frequency variations, which has the potential to enhance frequency regulation and mitigate the need for abrupt load disconnection through the Under-Frequency Load Shedding scheme. The objective of this paper is to present a literature review of Under-Frequency Load Shedding schemes, an innovative approach to their classifications, and the introduction of a new category within these schemes that incorporates smart loads. Additionally, an overview of smart loads is included to be potentially employed in the design of new schemes and contribute to a shift in the operation philosophy, considering that the primary mission of electric power systems is to provide energy to loads rather than disconnecting them.
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