Un caso de síndrome de embolia grasa: Tratamiento y rehabilitación neurológica y cognitiva

José Daniel Villegas, María Camila Zapata, María Camila Jaramillo, Estefanía Orozco, Juan Camilo Suárez

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    We report the neurological and cognitive recovery and rehabilitation process in a young woman who developed a fat embolism syndrome with neurological repercussions secondary to multiple trauma. The patient was a 21-year-old woman with a closed fracture of the left humerus and femur. She developed fat embolism syndrome, left pneumothorax and pulmonary hypertension in the first 24 hours after the accident. After one month of hospitalization, the patient had several central neurological deficits such as lacunar infarcts and occipital laminar cortical necrosis, as well as limitations in standing, walking, vision, and cognitive functions. An integral process of neurological and cognitive rehabilitation--first at home and later in a medical rehabilitation unit-- was carried out from the first month after being released from the hospital. During the first two years after the accident, the patient received sensory and motor stimulation, motor rehabilitation, and intensive visual rehabilitation. Once recovered physically, a process of neuropsychological rehabilitation began. Six years after the accident, the patient finished her university studies and she is working actively. The neurological rehabilitation process is complex, individual and difficult, but not impossible, and a recovery pattern cannot be standardized for all patients. Although there is spontaneous recovery, which occurs in the first six months, the case here reported shows that in the chronic phase recovery can be achieved but requires evaluations and coordinated techniques of neurological rehabilitation.

    Título traducido de la contribuciónA case report of fat embolism syndrome: Treatment and neurological and cognitive rehabilitation
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    • Embolia grasa
    • Fat embolism
    • Femoral fractures
    • Fracturas del fémur
    • Health services for persons with disabilities
    • Manifestaciones neurológicas
    • Neurologic manifestations
    • Neurological rehabilitation
    • Recovery of function
    • Recuperación de la función
    • Rehabilitación neurológica
    • Salud de la persona con discapacidad


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