UPB BUCARAMANGA Desesperanza en universitarios durante la cuarentena ante el virus SARS-COV-2

Andres Julian Usuga-Jerez, Silvia Nathalia Vanegas Mendez, Maria Fernanda Tapias Soto, Juan Manuel Villabona Perez, Nancy Viviana Lemos Ramírez

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    Due to the quarantine implemented by the COVID-19, an important psychological impact has been identified in college students, who are a vulnerable group in relation to the hopelessness analysis. The objective of the present research was to evaluate the levels of hopelessness in 213 Colombian university students, under a quantitative approach of descriptive-comparative scope, with a non-experimental design, in a cross-sectional focus. The Beck Hopelessness Scale was implemented and it was found that 39.9% of the participants had a minimum-normal level; 46.6% mild level; 10.3% intermediate level; and 2.8% high level, founding differences according to gender and social-economic condition. The importance of developing strategies from a comprehensive perspective to care psychosocial consequences associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in students is concluded.

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    PublicaciónInteramerican Journal of Psychology
    EstadoPublicada - 26 oct. 2023

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    • COVID-19
    • hopelessness
    • mental health
    • pandemic
    • students

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