UPB BUCARAMANGA Remarkable effects of dirty limit on superconducting condensate

J. E. González, F. Durán, J. D. González

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Using heterostructures that combine a two superconductor (Nb-Pb). We demonstrate the modulation of the superconducting condensate at the nanoscale via variation of mean-free path. The modulation of superconductivity can be obtained not only for chosing smaller superconducting lengths comparing with bulk superconducting length or considering several geometric shapes, but also whether strong local dopping effect can be produced over the superficial area of the superconductor. Through this mechanism, a nanoscale pattern of two condensates regions can be created in the superconductor. This yields a magenetization curves that has no counterpart in the literature. We show that this form of modulation based on the possibity of change mean-free path represent a groundbreaking prospects in the study of the effects that might exploit unique superconducting properties, due to allows the manipulation of magnetic flux quanta.
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Número de artículo012156
PublicaciónJournal of Physics: Conference Series
EstadoPublicada - 13 dic. 2019
Evento8th International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Science, IC-MSQUARE 2019 - Bratislava, Eslovaquia
Duración: 26 ago. 201929 ago. 2019

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  • Superconducting condensate
  • Dirty limit
  • Heterostructures

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